Shed builder mobile

How To Video - 3D Shed Builder on Mobile

Design your dream shed in 4 easy steps using our 3D Shed Builder on mobile. It's a little different from desktop, but still just as simple. Let me show you how it's done.

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How To Video - 3D Shed Builder

With our 3D Shed Builder tool you can design your dream shed in 4 easy steps. In this video I'll show you how to use it. 

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Door Security Upgrade 2

Securing your shed

At Duratuf we have a range of upgrades and accessories that'll help your shed, and the stuff inside it, stay put. 

Door Security UpgradesKeep intruders at bay by upgrading your shed doors to keyed...

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Current Water Restrictions by Council

Before you go grabbing the hose or sprinkler out of your garden shed, if your region is going through a bit of a dry spell it pays to check the current water restrictions in your area.

Here's a...

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Duratuf Tips

At Duratuf we're all about helping Kiwis look after their stuff, and not just the stuff they keep in their shed. So here's a list of handy tips and tricks, in no particular order, and with a...

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