Duratuf Tips

At Duratuf we're all about helping Kiwis look after their stuff, and not just the stuff they keep in their shed. So here's a list of handy tips and tricks, in no particular order, and with a nonsensical numbering system, that you might find useful when it's time to get stuck in around the house, backyard or garden.  

Duratuf Tip #56: Cuttings = Free plants!!! And a great way to keep the kids off the iPad. Propagating some Hydrangeas here, if you've got a plant just cut the heads off non-flowering shoots, trim down to about 15cm, and cut off all the leaves except the top couple. Then just stick them into some good soil and they'll root in a few weeks.

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Duratuf Tip #81: Always good to have a few birds around the backyard. A birdhouse is a great project to start in the shed on a rainy day. You cut and drill the parts, the kids/grandkids can assemble and decorate, then when the suns out put it somewhere the cats can't reach!

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Duratuf Tip#127: Take a Snapchat of your pool chemical stocks before heading to the pool shop. Because if you're like me you always forget what you have at home when they ask you and end up buying stuff you don't even need!

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Duratuf Tip#165: Pick up fallen fruit before it rots. Ideally pick it before it falls, but if you can’t it’s way easier (and more pleasant) to pick up fruit before it becomes a rotten mess. Plus it’ll stop those pesky fruit flies from hangin around.

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Duratuf Tip #213: Sweep up fallen leaves! Left to decay they can become an unwanted slip and slide, which is not ideal on your garden steps! So grab the broom from out of the shed and get sweeping!

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Duratuf Tip #287: Experiment! I'm never quite sure if certain plants are suitable for taking cuttings but there's only one way to find out! So when my boy tore a stem off this Kalanchoe I put it in some water and sure enough it looks like it is growing roots. I'll give it a little longer before potting it and hopefully we'll have another (free) plant!

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Duratuf Tip #514: Save your pots! Always handy to have around when you're looking to pot something on or want to dabble in some propagating.

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Duratuf Tip#698: Keep your rhubarb humming with phosphorus. The “P” in NPK, phosphorus strengthens roots, and rhubarb being a root based vegetable loves the stuff!

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