Fortress TUF 50

TUF50 v2

The baby of the Fortress range, the Tuf 50 also offers the unique end access to your belongings in this practical yet compact shed. 

1.140w x 1.355d x 1.975h (M) / Hinged door - 875 mm opening / Roof Size: 1.175 x 1.570 (M)

Wrap Around Roof Sheets

The roof design on the Fortress range also features pre-folded roof sheets that wrap over the end walls to create a watertight finish. This makes installation easy and ensures that there are no leaks.

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Pre-Assembled Double Braced Door

Duratuf Fortress sheds come with a strong, double braced weatherproof door which swings a full 180 degrees. To ensure assembly is quick and easy, the door is pre-assembled in our factory. Fortress doors come standard with 3 hinges and a pad-bolt.

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Wrap Around Weather-Tight Corners

Duratuf Fortress sheds feature unique full-size wall sheets that wrap around the corners, eliminating any corner joins. This gives the shed amazing waterproofing qualities and is clearly superior to most conventional corner designs. Wrap around corners also provide exceptional bracing strength and eliminate any sharp edges.

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Kitset Pack

Duratuf Fortress sheds are delivered in a compact carton which includes all timber and steel components, including the hardware. The Tuf 600 and Tuf 800 require a separate timber pack as well.

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Unique Features for Superior Waterproofing

Surely everybody wants a weatherproof shed! It's important then, that water flows away from your shed to ensure your valuable gear is kept dry. The unique design of our sheds ensures that water is not trapped on or around them. Here's how...

Base Waterproofing With Timber Floor Kit

Duratuf timber frame sheds feature a unique construction method where the cladding is nailed to the top and bottom plates. 

This method ensures that water runs away from the shed easily as there are no channels to trap leaves, dirt and water that will leak, or sit and corrode the cladding. (Fig. 1) 

Conventional shed designs require a channel at the top and bottom of the shed to hold the cladding together. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 1 Water runs away freely

Base Waterproofing With a Raised Concrete Slab 

The Fortress kitsets can be modified to allow the wall cladding to extend past the base of the shed when placing on a raised concrete floor. This completely eliminates the possibility of water running back into the base of your shed.

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