Sentry Range


When you invest in a Sentry shed by Duratuf, you are investing in a New Zealand made quality product that you can rely on.

The Sentry shed has a unique easy-to-build panel assembly system and is superior in strength and versatility!

Sentry 3D shed builder  


Sentry SS2007 garden shed

Sentry SS1510 garden shed

Sentry SS2010 garden shed

Sentry SL1507 garden shed

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Sentry SL2015 garden shed

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Semi timber framed garden shed features

Garden shed colour options

Garden shed water runoff 

As with all buildings, it is important that water flows away from your garden shed. Trapped water can potentially allow water ingress and then ultimately, corrosion of the steel cladding. Unlike many other sheds, Duratuf semi timber range sheds do not have steel channels at the base of the wall. This allows water to drain away unimpeded.

Further to this, when mounting your shed on a raised concrete floor pad, the assembly can be done in such a way that the steel wall sheets overlap the concrete floor for ultimate weather proofing. Further info on this in the Assembly Instructions.

Garden shed nz made

When you invest in a Duratuf garden shed, you are investing in a New Zealand made quality product that you can rely on. Manufactured on home turf means that the product is suited to New Zealand conditions. Further to that, only the best of materials are used, from NZ grown timber through to premium hi-tensile steel and quality fastenings.

Keeping Kiwis in jobs plays an important role in our community and gives the added assurance of controlled quality
during manufacture, coupled with a locally backed warranty - we’ll be here if you need us!

Garden shed timber plates

Duratuf Semi Timber Frame sheds incorporate a treated 45 x 45mm timber plate top and bottom that locks together at the corners.

As well as providing superior strength, it creates an excellent platform to enable you to shelve out your garden shed, hang up your valuable gear and maximise your storage capacity.

Garden shed steel claddingDuratuf Semi Timber Frame sheds feature a hi-tensile, deep ribbed 0.30 gauge steel cladding. Roll-formed in our factory in Hamilton, New Zealand, it is available in a classic non-rust Zinc/Aluminium finish, or your choice of four popular colour options.

For your further peace of mind our Semi Timber Framed sheds are backed up by a full 20 Year Warranty on all steel cladding. (Conditions apply)

Sentry garden shed features

Garden shed assembly

Garden shed roof strength

With bigger garden sheds, it’s especially important that they have a strong framing system to support the larger walls and the bigger roof span.

Duratuf's gable roofed sheds not only have the timber wall frames for strength, but also a strong timber ridge beam structure to support the bigger span. Don’t settle for anything less!

Garden shed door and a half

The innovative ‘door-and-a-half’ system on our larger semi timber framed sheds creates a practical extra wide door for everyday use.

When you need to load those bigger items such as motorbikes and ride-on mowers, simply open the half door too.

Garden shed timber floor

Duratuf sheds have the option of a pre-cut H3 treated timber floor kit.

This floor sits up on the 45mm H4 treated base plate keeping your gear elevated above any damp surface. Duratuf  timber floors make an excellent base, are quick to install and give excellent rigidity to the whole shed.

Garden shed concrete floor

Nothing is more versatile than a semi timber framed shed should you choose to pour a raised concrete base. Simply follow the instructions through the installation process to elevate the bottom timber plate. This will enable the wall cladding to protrude below the base plate, stopping water flowing inside the shed and ensuring a weather tight pad.

Note - Ensure that the base substrate is compacted firmly. We suggest that the slab should be 80mm thick in the middle and 100mm thick around the edges (Fig 2).

The raised slab size should be 15mm smaller than the overall base size of the shed and at least 30mm above the ground line (Fig. 1).

Garden shed clear roof panel

Clear roof panels provide UV free natural daylight in your shed. These are available as an option with any semi timber frame garden shed, and fits in place of one steel roof sheet.

Garden shed accessories

Garden shed tools required